I. am. pissed.
I am sharing this with you because i realized it says something about my self-work. it's working!

I recently have been "working" for a guy by selling his things on ebay and getting a percentage. There are more people than me working for him. He called my brother today, essentially asking for access to the ebay account. I called him back myself and happily gave him access. Basically something is "missing" from his house and he's implying that I stole it. I am not that kind of person. Also, i've been MORE than upfront with him- when a sale goes bad (a customer wants a discount because it wasn't exactly what they wanted etc.) I take the hit and make sure he still gets his full percentage. Well, I found out that YESTERDAY he came to where i'm staying and went into my room and took pictures of the things I have in there. He never called me to ask, and it happened while I wasn't home because he talked the kids into letting him in O_o Are you Effing kidding me?! That's a major boundary violation.
I will be taking all of his things back to him and quitting. NO SIR!
I'm finding that when someone crosses a boundary, I am no longer willing to tolerate it. In a relationship- friendships and the like, I will "warn" and discuss before I flip out. You do it again, THEN I serve consequences. (depending on severity of course)
But this is completely inappropriate and I won't stand for it. I don't need anyone this bad- it's allowed me to survive, and thankfully, I have something more permanent to leap to next month.
I. am. livid. and I'm not putting up with it :)
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If you're not the only one working for him in this capacity, do you know any of the others?
Personally, I'd do exactly as you're planning: pack up his crap, dump it on his doorstep and tell him in no uncertain terms you quit and why. Also tell him he's lucky you didn't contact police and that (if you can) you have informed his other employees of his actions so they have been warned what kind of boundaries he lacks. A smart "good day" and a twirl on your heel would cap it off nicely as you march away.

Good for you. If this were me I would tell him something like, fine - I understand there's stuff missing so a zero-notice spot inspection would have been completely understandable. But THIS behavior... intruding without my knowledge or consent? That's just as much an act of burglary as what you were looking for.

Yea that's wrong!

Good for you! Yes, he crossed a boundary, and it's wonderful to see how you are sticking up for yourself. You have developed a lot of self respect and courage over the past months!

You've also learned something that many in dysfunctional marriages never learn: That other relationships in one's life also are dysfunctional. Unless you take the time to examine yourself and your choices, and to change your own behavior, you are likely to maintain and attract dysfunctional relationships -- romantic ones as well as ones with family and friends.

Your Brothers house is it not ?
Is he happy about this home invasion ?
As for the bloke, life depleter. Drop him out of your orbit along with the other idiots.
Tread your own path.

big brother is not happy. He will be going with me to return things.
Dropping ANY life depleters lately ;)

I would talk to the local authorities about it. Make sure nothing is missing from your room.

Stay Strong & Good Luck

Yeah, you really should report it - police will have a record of his activity and then will have somewhere to look should anything happen in the future. It will also send him a message - don't mess with me!

If he talked his way into your home when you weren't there, well, that is a gross violation of your privacy, not to mention your kids safety. He has no right to enter your property. I would read this grub the riot act, let him know you're furious, and rightly so!