Partner Won't Help Me

To start, I live daily with neck and back pain to the point that I can not longer work. It's hard seeing I'm just 56. Because of the pain, I have to take morphine and norco daily. The doctor started me on injections to try to help me with my erection problems. Even though I have this problem, I still give my wife orgrams in other ways. She then trys to give me pleasure like I don't have a problem. I tell her that she needs to go slow because it takes me longer to have an orgrams. If I do at all. I don't think she likes to go down on me and I have never asked her to do anything she don't like. So here I am, wanting to have the same pleasure my wife gets, but doesn't. Sometimes I feel that maybe I need to go to a sex therpist or someone that could lead me in the right direction. If anyone has an indea, please let me know.

noterect noterect
Feb 28, 2009