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I was clearing out a bunch of books and decided to give away many of my sexless marriage manuals - like the horrific 'Sex Starved Wife'.

A real annoying factor in my 'fix it' stage of the relationship was how he never seemed to read anything to do with the state of our marriage.

But I did find that he'd done 1 (one!) exercise in Sex in Loving Relationships which was as much a linguistic exercise as anything else.

There was a quiz which asked what you/your partner call different aspects of sexual activity or anatomy - i.e. what do you call the penis, what you does your partner call the penis.

When it came to oral sex on a female partner, I found he'd written:

What do you call it: oral sex (if I recall correctly...)
What does your partner call it: the impossible dream

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Haaaa, (Big smirk) I read "The Sex Starved Wife too")....From a Male point of view, it made me giggle. So many things the author forgot to include. As for Oral sex on a Woman, I'm always ready!

Why are you sexless?

Now I'm humming "to dreeeeeam the impossible dreeeeeeam"

Now that's funny!

That is darkly funny! Tell me what you hated about the Sex Starved Wife?

The basic premise is that your poor man is very fragile and could leave you at any moment if you become shrewish (as if that worked!!). So best to coddle him. Be extra nice. Dress nice. Don't pressure. For goodness sake, don't ask for any sex!!! Do more around the house. Mould yourself to his every whim and then sex will return. Read the reviews on Amazon. Not one of them says that sex returned to the marriage.

Ha! That's true. Maybe I'm being too harsh on judging the book by its outcome. However, it does lead refused to jump through endless hoops and wait without asking.

Oh, well I tried that tactic from maybe 2010 to 2012. Something very like it anyway. Nothing came of it (pun intended)

Yes! I'm glad that somebody else got the same feeling about Sex Starved Wife. As the book goes along, she describes worse and worse situations (and how the wife should just keep on stuffing her own feelings and accommodating the husband.) By the end of the book, where the really bad examples are, you just have to wonder why any woman would want to knot herself up like a pretzel in order to stay married to the kind of douchebag in the example.

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You got that right!

How do you give these books away..."hey, I have this book, sex starved wife, I thought you could use it"..? This just goes wrong in too many ways! :)

Well...there are lots of charity shops where I can just drop off a bag of books. Alas, I had some people over for dinner Saturday, readers, and I dragged out the bag and said "take your pick". They found the The Sex Starved Wife. The only couple in attendance took the book away with them! I do know that they have some sexual issues, though I don't know what they are. However, that book is so bad, I fear it would do more harm than good.

You'll be surprised. Leave it in an open area.

What so you mean my husband can find it? No. Tried that sort of thing, with a number of books.

May all your new dreams be pleasurable, possible, plentiful and may they all come true!


I'm not sure if I'm supposed to laugh..but I'm afraid that I couldn't stop!! lol

No, you were supposed to laugh! It IS funny. Sad. Horrific. But funny.

Thank goodness for that :)...its nice to see a more humorous take on that deserve much more!! Hope that you get it one day! :)