Read this article today & thought it worth passing on:
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Very good! As a woman I don't think the way that she's suggesting some women think, but I've certainly heard these kinds of things bandied about and read enough stories from men here to understand the importance of the intertwining of emotional and sexual intimacy to many men.

She provides a link to the article she wrote directed toward men, too. In that she says "Hey buddy, don't think you're alone in liking to give oral sex. About 80% love it." and "Many women go off liking to receive oral sex."

Of course, I looooove receiving oral sex and I'm married to one of the 20%. He never gave me oral sex - not once. :-(

I emailed the article to my wife, we'll see what happens.

My god. This is what I have been saying in my therapy sessions for a year. Almost word for word!

Thanks Harley53 it was very informative, except I'm in the mans roll. Maybe there is something wrong with me ;)

Tell me about it, kimmie

me too...