I could just die it makes me feel like think about having sex with men or women or the three of us but I kind any one to suck or **** Ron
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Perhaps Ron has a new phone and doesn't know how to insert punctuation. (As an aside, I get the most hilarious texts from my Dad.)

Let me see if I can decipher this:

I could just die. It makes me feel like/think about having sex with men or women or the three of us, but I kind [of want] any one to suck or ****.


Could "Ron" be just the signature and not the object of sucking or *******? Hmm....unraveling the mystery...

Is English your first language?

I was trying to formulate a response, but ... I just.... I'm all verklempt.

After trying to decipher this I lost the feeling in my fingers and toes.

With that introduction your private message box will soon be full.

I can not see how anyone could resist your charms

You did waaay better than me on this one Brother F.
I couldn't make any sense out of it at all. In fact I was going to nominate it for the monthly "Incomprehensible Post" award.

I have a feeling some important punctuation is missing.