Is anyone else watching the show "masters of sex" on showtime?

I find myself so attracted to the show. It explores all these things we talk about here (i know its colored with hollywood glam but so what). I keep relating to different aspects of the characters and what they think their lives should be verses what they really are.

There was an episode early on and a wife discovered that she had never had an ******. Later to learn her hubby was gay. I think the episode i just watched is more fitting to this group.

Anyways.... anyone else rivoted?
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I'm jealous. I wish I could find out I had never had an ******.

I've heard of it, but don't pay for Cable, so I will have to find another way to watch. Sounds like a show I need to see.

Yes, it's a weekly treat for my post SM lover and me. It's also something I'd never have watched with my refuser because the show is very sexy, and it would have emphasized to me what I was missing.

Incidentally, I met Masters and Johnson back in the early 1980s when they were still married. They were the coldest couple I have ever met. There was not an iota of warmth between them. It's very hard for me to imagine that they had sex (as the show reveals and as the same-named book reveals). People here in sexless marriages probably look like happier, more sensual couples than Johnson-Masters appeared to be.


No thanks, my real life has enough sexual dysfunction in it. I don't watch Morey either. I am waiting for the return of the Walking Dead.

Have caught the odd episode - and enjoyed it.
For the period it is set in, Masters and Johnson must surely have been groudbreaking people given the societal attitudes of the time.
I admire people who question *usual* attitudes, and challenge their thinking.
I am a bit of a fan of the lingerie of that 50's 60's time too, although naturally, I am mainly following the plot at great depth - cough cough - and not just watching the chicks get undressed !!
Tread your own path.

Uh huh. Lol.

Mmmmm, that's your story and you're sticking to it, aye Baz ; o)