Speaking of never-ending health problems: this morning I asked my man if his sinuses were okay.

He snapped, "I wish you would quit asking me that."

I thought, but did not say, "I wouldn't - if you weren't always having sinus problems."

After all, I never ask anybody else about their sinuses - just him. LOL!
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No....what you should ask him is this!! Ask him if his hemorrhoids have "flared up"!!?? When he becomes indignant (as SURELY he WILL), tell him that you were just curious, as it seems that he's got a "stick up his @ss"!!?? Or MAYBE, it's a "bug up his @ss"!! Either way, he's acting like SOMETHING is wrong with his @ss!!

I get sinus headaches.....

It's caused by TSB...

Toxic ***** build-up

There is only one cure and It sounds like he doesn't want to fix it

Maybe he was worried about what you'd ask for if he said they were fine.

Next time ask if his d*** is ok. Then when he looks shocked say, you told me not to ask about your sinuses. Then shrug and walk away. That should keep you giggling the rest of the day. LOL


ROFLMAO!! Don't put ideas in my head.....

That's what you get off caring, Kat! 😊