This place is like AA for sexless day we need to all get together for an "Eyes Wide Shut" style celebration ****. Maybe once each year to celebrate all the newly divorced, previously sexless people on here. That would get me a bit more excited to get through the process!
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LOL. I have been to an "Eyes Wide Shut" style celebration. In a mansion. Come to the dark side!

Yes very true, and EP can be slightly addictive when you get cuaght up reading stories, and having your say.

Stay Strong & Good Luck

I think there's a lot in the comparison of ILIASM to AA.
*We* do seem to be addicted to dysfunctional people and marriages, and find it extraordinarily difficult to kick the habit.
Tread your own path.

I think there have been meet up groups in the past. I remember one was in Nashville and I so wanted to go. However, at that time I was living in my SM.

Well, I am IN if one gets set up in the future...