Should I Be More Patient Or Complain ?

I met my wife two yrs ago. We fell in love quickly. Adjoined families quickly and live happy for the moment. I have two children and she has two children. All the children get along, the ex wife and her ex man all get along. her mother also lives with us because she has dimentia. We got married christmas 08'. Lovely wedding everything is hunky dory. My only problem is that the sex was not enough. Three times a month tops!! The art of love making when it happened is always spectacular. She always initiates when sex will happen. I got tired of trying to initiate because I was trying to initiate everyday. So the flame kinda dimmed. But every month when she is ready she calls the shots. She is always stressed about the job, working 6-10 hrs free over the weekend (YES she is working!). I have complained about the issue and she swears that there is nothing wrong with her.

HELP PLEASE...I love my wife and my family.

papadocny papadocny
1 Response Mar 2, 2009

Three times a month really isn't a sexless marriage. It may not be as often as you would like, but it's not sexless. <br />
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I suggest just talking with her and letting her know you would a little more, maybe seeing a counselor would help you work thru this.