Lie of Truth

Ok im new at this.. when i met my wife i had no idea of her past she did eventualy tell me that she was sexualy abused whene she was a child what i didnt know was that she just wanted somone in her life... we did have sex while we were dating but when we commited to living to gether things did change.. she didnt want me touching her or anything... she said that after we were married things would be different well after we were married nothing changed... on our wedding night she said she wasnt feeling well to consemate out marriage the day after she put up with it then afterwards oh about a month later she and i had sex.. i say sex instead of love cause thats all it seemed to be now we are going on 4 yrs together and she says that she is getting better... im not sure how or even why i continue this relationship.

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3 Responses Mar 2, 2009

Totally agree with above comments, especially Michelle.<br />
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She needs to know that you cannot put up with the situation, even though you understand where it is coming from.<br />
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If she refuses therapy, I would still go alone. Well worth while for sorting out yourself - and helpful for formulating plans for your future.<br />
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Good Luck.

I would seek help . Don't wait 2 long , I would say the sooner U get help the better off U will B !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It sounds like your wife is in need of some counseling and the both of you need marriage counseling.