For the first time in my life I finally accepted I'm going bald and confronted my fear by shaving my head this weekend. Oddly enough, yesterday, two beautiful women started talking and flirting with me. It felt awesome! I felt sexy for the first time in 17 years of marriage. Do women think the bald look is sexy? I'm talking the shine look.
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Its super hot on a good looking man

No hairstyle can compete with an exquisitely shaped head glistening in the sun. ;)
Honestly, most people don't even notice. It's your confidence, not your hair, that draws worthwhile people to you.

I don't have much hair left up top but my wife doesn't like the bald head. My solution is I put the #1 guard on the clippers and clip it once a week.

Why listen to my sexless wife? She grew her hair out for me, I love long hair. Probably the only equal deal in our relationship.

Back in the day, I had a glorious mullet.
These days, I have a quasi sort of mullet. A buzz cut over most of it and a rat-tail.
My friends and Ms enna used to take the **** out of me unmercifully over this hair-do. So, at the charity shop I volunteer at sometimes, I put up a sign calling for "Donations To Get Rid of Bazzars Ratty" and undertook to hack it off in the shop once we'd got a hundred bucks in the jar.
We got about $230 bucks when we counted it, so off came the ratty.
(which I immediately started growing again !!! Hopefully we can pull $500 out of the punters next time)
Tread your own path.

Congratulations radical. You have caused me a nasal coffee eruption with that one !!!!
And, you have uncovered my missus long unknown "why" as well !!!!!
(Funnily enough, I don't feel any better for knowing that "why" !!)

About 6 months ago, I started letting my 13 year old daughter cut my hair. Sometimes she gives it more attention than others. But they all wind up looking like Ben Stiller in Simple Jack -- but gray.
Hair does not the man make.

I think it's very sexy! Be confident about it, and that will shine through, as well!

I think the completely bald look is very sexy.

I also think a full head of gray hair is hot.

Ditto that.


Oh, yes. Bald or balding men can be very attractive. It depends on the man. If it's a flattering look on you, go for it!

And - bald is better than a combover. *Anything* is better than a combover z

What about winding nose and ear hair all over your head? Combing eyebrows up over your head?
I feel like such a fool.

Rock that look! I think it is all about confidence!

On the other side of the coin, I grew my hair out into a ponytail for my wife. She likes that look on me (long hair and beard make me look like a degenerate biker dangerous bad boy); however, she is always fawning over bald guys like Vin diesel and jason statham and saying how hot they are!

Rock your look and keep your confidence!

I have an unproven theory that women are drawn to bald men because baldness is associated with testosterone. Much as men are attracted to women who have childbearing characteristics. I think women may unconsciously view bald men as more virile.

Another possibility is that it has more to do with you and your new acceptance of yourself.

I started prematurely greying at age 19. I colored my hair until I was 35. I spent a ton of money on salon color with depth and highlights and lowlights. I decided that 35 was "old enough" to have grey hair and I made the decision to "embrace the grey". It's very strikingly contrasted with my brunette hair in streaks of almost platinum.

I have never gotten so many compliments on anything in my lofras I do on my grey hair. Young women ask me who does my color. They think i have highlights. Older women say "omg if I could go grey like THAT I would in a heartbeat". I had an employee at sephora in her mid twenties cross the store and stop me. "I have to tell you, you absolutely ROCK your hair"

I have to say I don't think my hair is that incredibly special or unusual. I can only assume that it has to do with the fact that I truly embraced my grey. I have an edgy hairstyle and I take good care of my hair. I don't go out all frizzy and frumpy and unhappy with my greying hair. I haven't adopted an "old lady hairstyle" because my hair is grey.

So maybe it the same for you. Maybe what attracted them was your self acceptance and the way YOU feel about the shine :)

I say go for it!! Rock it for all it is worth.

I love seeing naturally changing hair on women. It's so rare. Mine started going white in my early 20s. It's just starting to get noticeable in streaks. I like it. I reserve the right to change my mind, but I like it.

I say just make sure the roof matches the hearth!! ;)

Bald heads are sexy because they remind women of *****.


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Hell yes! lol Good for you!! Enjoy :)

I do, my husband was bald when I met him in our 20's.

Bald can be very sexy depending on the man and the confidence they wear it with. Good for you! That rocks!

Except for hillbillies

It depends on the man.

Love it

It depends on the man. Personally, I prefer when it's just starting to grow back--head stubble. Fun to rub on. But yeah, bald is just fine. :)

It does tend to put forth more confidence.

I do!

Depends on the guy, but often ... HELL YEAH!!! So good that it made you feel sexy. I know when I lost my hair to chemotherapy it was a huge emotional stress for me. I can imagine it must be the same for guys who loose their hair due to balding. Rock that shiny look!

Not if u are a douche Cub Scout leader

Its unique and younger women are attracted to older mature men