I'm jacking off right now and wify's asleep!
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When i used to be like in ur situation , i told my wif abt my prn addiction. She was aghast. And i was like - what else did u expect?? Alternative was to cheat on u.

That is the truth. Very well said

Been there done that. Lol

Wake wify uuuuuuup!

stupid *** who cares

Internet **** is a great band-aid for SM, but it does not cure the underlying infection...at some point, you will have no choice but to man up, stop fapping and tell your wife to get with the program. If she won`t, then find another woman who will. The sooner the better I think...

I`m 41 and I spent the last 8 years numbing myself with hardcore internet **** (20 hours a week on average), strippers, "business travels" and a little prostitution worker once in a while....trust me its a very lonely road and it will never replace the kisses, love and affection of a genuine woman.

Good for you damn well enjoy

Why do I need to know this?

U don't, just get out of here

lol, it's like a train wreck, I had to look

I hope you *** on her!


I know that move.