Ok friends, I took Meta's advise and put up a match.com profile. I am not having sex with anyone but my MM and this is not healthy for me (thank you Meta for getting me to think about this!) I also put in the profile that I do not want any jokers who are refusers (I put it a little bit different than that so it would not sound like I wanted to sleep around!). However, I fully expect to be thrown off the site since my profile is not the normal "I like this or that" boring ****. Wish me luck that I can find a sexy lover that has time for me!!
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I'd love to become the lover to a lady like you. And I like a lady who's direct and to the point about what she wants and what she likes and what she wants to do.

oh I think OKCupid was good for hookups and I don't know about AM or Match but I didn't wanna deal with a MM and his wife issues. so I found cougared and cougarlife very good if you wanna be a cougar for a bit of fun. i have to admit I have gone the cougar route and i'm never looking back. oh so fun.

I used a couple different sites over the past year. I had ZERO luck with Match. Maybe not enough people use it where I live--no idea. But the messages I got were poor quality and not well matched.

On POF, I got a lot of good messages. People on there are generally looking for less commitment and are easier going. It was okay.

Ok Cupid was pretty darn good. I toyed around with my approach on my profile and such, and ended up with something that consistently lead to the type of man I want to talk to sending me thoughtful messages. I really like the questions section on OKC, too. Great way to get a feel for a person.

My two cents is be flexible. If you're not hearing from the people you want to hear from, change up your photos and redo your text. When something works, reuse it.

I'll qualify this by saying in my book a good message is one that shows intelligence, sensitivity, and real interest in who I am. NOT all the "ur hot/hey beautiful" BS. I flat out ignore any message from someone who is "shot-gunning," even if I think they're attractive.

You may just have to try a few, though. It seems to vary a lot by city. I have friends who love Match but live in larger cities than I do.

Well who every gets your attention is going to be one lucky man

I like OK Cupid better than Match because on OK Cupid, there are lots of questions about one's preferences and interests that you can answer, and that you can learn prospective partners' answers to.

Hopefully all you said for your profile is 'I want to find a sexy lover who has time for me!'
If so, you will be just fine. Ha!

I do wish you all the luck in the world. I hope you find a stub that can pleasure you in and out of the bed.

I been thinkin of goin the ashleymadison.com route honestly. I'm just nervous and cheap

I am a totally normal (whatever that is), pretty and sexy female and I met my MM on there!

I do not often give advise but let me clue you in on Ashley Madison. I have read that AG's in several states are looking at AM because most of the female profiles are computer or employee generated to fit you. To message them you must spent tokens you purchase. Only you are trying to contact someone who probably doesn't exist. Few or no women will return your message until you start to run out of tokens and then you will get a burst of responses from the fake profiles so you will need to buy more tokens to contact them. Men must outnumber women by a ratio of forty or fifty to one. It's great for women, a desert for dudes.

Whoops, sorry. Replied to the wrong person.

Well, it seemed a bit fishy to me...thanks for the heads up! That would make me so damn mad if I found out that was happening to me...

must I say your username is hilariously offensive...so...good choice

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I am wondering what the best site is.

Don't know. I met my MM on AM. However, his wife takes all his time even though he says he is in a SM. He is a great guy and I would love to see him happy with his wife. I actually adore him!