Please indulge another question. this one is for the ladies only. My wife always refers to men with small ****** whenever she wants to mercilessly insult them. The syntax goes something like:

that's what happens when men with tiny dicks design something."

All this is by way of circling around to the considerable folklore surrounding penis size.

Let's assume that we all agree that, in a successful relationship, both partners are attracted to the whole person regardless of anatomy. but, at least on a superficial level, is there any basis for the commonly held folk wisdom that so called "well Endowed" men are more desirable?

I once asked a girl this at work. Her response was, "That depends on the size of your garage."

So, ladies, does size really matter? If it does, is it length or girth to which you are attracted?

Please share.
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Ok, I've written about this before, but I shall do so again.

Size does matter, but only becomes somewhat of an issue when it goes to extremes. Extremely wide, and you're not getting in. Sorry. Ok, maybe I would try, but it's likely just not going to work. Yes, vaginas are elastic, but personally I have a maximum capacity for comfort that is smaller than most. Also, longer and wider penises don't fit in the mouth as well. If you have a giant penis, you're not going to experience the best I have to offer :) Don't get me wrong, you definitely won't hate it, but smaller penises get a little more oral action.

Extremely small penises can be somewhat of a problem as well. Now before anyone gets their hackles up, let me first define small. I'm talking borderline or actual micropenis size, so about 3" or less erect. My husband belongs to this category. Unfortunately, his situation is complicated by erectile problems as well. However, the few times that we have had sex AND he was fully hard AND it lasted longer than 30 seconds, AND he was enthusiastically engaged, his penis was adequate to satisfy me. If I had to say, the aspect that I missed the most was girth, and not length.

Which leads me to the final question, which would I prefer, girth or length. Definitely girth, but again, within reason. Please no shaving cream cans. Yes, you know who you are -dude who sent me a pic of your **** next to a shaving cream can for reference. Sorry, no "can" do buddy.

So yes, size matters. But I'll take an average guy with a kinky streak over a well-endowed bore any day. Also, please be super smart, funny, sensitive, honest, open-minded and kind. The mind is the ultimate erogenous zone.

Aw, thank you for the sweet compliment. :)

Im reposting this just cuz you needed to know what women preferred, here goes...

oh and btw...I do care about size. not too big and not too small. i do agree with the chart.

You're doubting out honesty ?!
I don't normally take a tape measure when out on a date :-)

And that's where the alcohol comes in handy :-)

The most interesting bit of this - to me - was your missus - "need to umercifully insult them".
She sure does sound like a charmer.
If that's her main aim, then it doesn't greatly matter how she does it. One insult is pretty much as good as another.
An acquaintance of mine is a excellent insulter too. He goes more in for racial vilification rather than **** size.
Tread your own path.

While it can be a turn on to see a large one, it's how you use it that counts. In fact, I had some of the best sex with a bf who was on the smaller side.

When I was single years ago I have slept with both large penis & small.

The large goes deeper obviously. Was lovely.

The small was actually quite sensual as he hit all the nerve ending nearer the start of my vagina.

So I can say to me.... Know size isn't everything.
To a lot of superficial women would disagree.

i've also tried both big and small and i'm not superficial by all means but the fact of the matter is 4 inches just ain't gonna cut it for me.


I swear this question gets asked once every 2 months or so. By someone new here. Oh well, not your fault! Usually same types of answers as well. Basically what Vertical said covers it every time.
And on the 'size of the garage', a female wrote here one time that anything bigger than 4-5" was way too much and she wasn't interested. So the myth gets thrown out the door on bigger/better to some extent. Much like female's chest size… who cares?! Big, small, round, etc.… they're fun! Especially if you're lucky enough to see some live in captivity.

ROFL! And I should also add: If this meme were based on truth, needle-dicks would have been bred out of existence by now.

Does not matter. I love the man...not his **** size!!

and if his size doesn't work for you then own up to it and go find one that does

Size isn't the most important thing - the man's attitude, his skills, and the chemistry between us are all more important to me.

I agree 100%

Double-post so I have to paste my reply here.
Dude, you don't need a woman's opinion on size to help you figure out your wife's a misandrist. Turn the whole thing around and think about what she would say if you kept going on and on about women's value equating with bra size. Or, just try replacing the penis reference with one about skin color. It's disgusting behavior, pure and simple.
All you really need to understand is your reaction. You've got intellectual and emotional reactions to this hate language that are out of step. Intellectually you're willing to give benefit of the doubt but I can see just by your curiosity that this is hurting you and you may not even be willing to admit that to yourself.

Unless it is very very small or very very large it doesn't make a difference to me.
Large ones are uncomfortable in my opinion. And yes it is more about how skilled the man is.