Please indulge another question. this one is for the ladies only. My wife always refers to men with small ****** whenever she wants to mercilessly insult them. The syntax goes something like:

that's what happens when men with tiny dicks design something."

All this is by way of circling around to the considerable folklore surrounding penis size.

Let's assume that we all agree that, in a successful relationship, both partners are attracted to the whole person regardless of anatomy. but, at least on a superficial level, is there any basis for the commonly held folk wisdom that so called "well Endowed" men are more desirable?

I once asked a girl this at work. Her response was, "That depends on the size of your garage."

So, ladies, does size really matter? If it does, is it length or girth to which you are attracted?

Please share.
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This is so, so down to personal preference. There are definitely some advantages to the large one. And advantages to smaller ones. But in terms of what makes a good lover - no. My current lover is on the small side of average (definitely not under-endowed) and this is the best sex I've ever had.

On the other hand, my husband has a 'big one', but not too big. Very nice. But he wouldn't use it much with me and when he did he didn't use it very well, so frankly it conferred no advantage to me.

Size doesn't matter to me. If I HAD to pick one over the other though, I'd choose girth.

Honestly, whatever a man's got (assuming he also has enthusiasm and genuine caring for me) is just fine. There are too many variables to pick a favorite. The man is so much more important than what "god gave him."

It's not the size of the boat, it's the motion of the ocean. :)

Honestly though, I guess if I man was seriously under endowed. (And I do mean seriously). It just doesn't matter that much.

In my opinion the most important sex organ is the brain -- and unfortunately for some -- in that case size DOES matter.

The best lover I've ever had in my life was somewhat under endowed. He was passionate, creative, generous, and a little kinky in bed. The size thing? Didn't matter one bit.

Dude, you don't need a woman's opinion on size to help you figure out your wife's a misandrist. Turn the whole thing around and think about what she would say if you kept going on and on about women's value equating with bra size. Or, just try replacing the penis reference with one about skin color. It's disgusting behavior, pure and simple.
All you really need to understand is your reaction. You've got intellectual and emotional reactions to this hate language that are out of step. Intellectually you're willing to give benefit of the doubt but I can see just by your curiosity that this is hurting you and you may not even be willing to admit that to yourself.

You're missing the point.

I agree. It's a horrible thing to say about men in general. I'm
Not the most PC person on the planet, and I joke about highly inappropriate things sometimes

However, you really should take a look at the fact that you are entertaining her nasty comment insofar as to examine it for validity

What an unusual attitude... being so willing to overlook hate language. The reference to The Ugliest Word Of All In The English Language (******) is prodigious. Being willing to overlook that as well, this speaks more about who you are than anything else you said in reply to me.
Either way, I'm pretty sure the sun will rise on a day when your wife intends to *really* hurt you, then you will know what it's like to be called a "******."
I personally abhor such casual hatred, no matter who is the target. Gender, skin color, even individuals. It's by far the ugliest thing humans do.
And keep in mind: you're posting in ILIASM and saying your wife makes fun of small dicks... that's also pretty telling.

It sounds to me like every time she doesn't like something a man did, she brings out the "small ****" slur. That says more about her than it does about any man she might be talking about.

I think you're getting your answer but you're not hearing it clearly. By the way I was not insulted, but bringing up that particular word I referred to as "prodigious" because it's an extreme example of the same thing, and was considering invoking it myself. I was thinking of saying something like if you were black and married a white person and later on you keep hearing "n****r this, n****r that, n****r n****r n****r" you might overlook it thinking you're not really a member of this group she's referring to. She's implicitly talking about Somebody Else. But emotionally you know damned well you are part of this group and it's getting on your nerves.
Now, this is a big part of the answer you're getting - I'm not the only other member that's pointing out that your wife's comments are more significant with respect to how you're being treated then they are indicative of the meme's validity.
Your answer is in two parts:
1. No, the meme is bullshit.
2. She's an *******. She's harming you by PROXY, you're black and she won't shut up about n***ers.
Taking this back out of the extreme analogy: she HABITUALLY makes derogatory statements about the genitals of males that displease her in some way. What makes you think you're an exception? Because she doesn't have the guts to say it to YOU? I got news, buddy: when you **** her off, even if she doesn't say it, she's THINKING it. You ever see her tell ANY male what she thinks about his **** to his face?
Think about this and do try to keep this in mind: when you love someone you tend to want to overlook Red Flags and other indicators that there is a problem taking place. In an abusive relationship, especially when you do love the abusive partner - you will wind up excusing some of the most outrageous, irrational things - how many times have you heard the story told by women who are still sporting the bruises and bandages, saying that they love their battering husbands and can't imagine life without them?
The Devil is a Master of Disguise, my friend. And Denial is one of his favorite masks.
I will not suffer misandry or misogyny in my own home, period. Nor any other kind of prejudice. Such words are strictly used for comedic irony ONLY, like you know, Blazing Saddles. The joke is the actual choice of such a word, indicating the ignorance and hate of the speaker.
No, I'm not black. :)

I think you're right -- to a point.
It sounds to me more like his wife is using the small penis line as a way to vent her anger/frustration because she thinks it will hurt someone or because she's seen it hurt someone in the past. Not necessarily because her husband has a small penis.
In my experience, people who say things like the n word or "that's gay/retarded" etc, when in a sour mood are either very simply venting (albeit in a very insensitive habitual way), or they are hoping to get a rise out of someone because they feel better when they make others feel small or angry. Sometimes they are even looking for a fight. Often it is a learned behavior from close family or friends. Since I don't believe HappyascanB's wife is using a derogatory sexual remark as her chosen retort by habitual accident, I think she is intentionally being antagonistic. The problem for her is it's not working. (Which I find amusing.)

Indeed! Hmmm.

Precisely. You'll find an interesting dynamic is in play here - probably one you won't expect. Her slurs are okay, yours are barbaric.
This will partly stem from the cultural message that misandry is "funny" while misogyny is "evil" - but in your situation, much more close to home, what she thinks is okay or not is the law. What you think is okay or not is YOUR OPINION, not even subject to validation.

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