My last post was deleted by EP. That was the first time I've ever been censored here. Let's give this another try.

I found Adina River's "mytinysecrets" blog to be very interesting.

She is extremely explicit, however her advice is geared toward building closeness and long-lasting intimacy.

Her ideas are worth considering whether you choose to stay or find new love.
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always the seeker of knowledge I went to her blog and read some samples of her work. what I read was pretty much about 101 ways achieve an ******, forty ways to f*** your lover, how a man can bust a nut in his woman and ej******te large quantities. I didn't see much that would be of value to most contributors here in their current situations.

Well it may be helpful later.

hahaha I enjoyed reading this, and, I'm sure it will be helpful later for everyone concerned! :)

Thanks for sharing for all of us!

Well thank you ma'am! Fun read!

most of her advice is about f***ing, which I found really interesting and my refuser will not want to read at all. I didn't find anything much about closeness or emotional intimacy

Really? I must have a different interpretation.

I'm beginning to think that my own lack of exploration has somewhat contributed to my sexless predicament. I'm a girl, so I don't really know exactly what feels great to him. We are both too shy to talk about it most of the time.

I used one of her techniques the other day, and it drove him crazy. I also forwarded the link to my husband. Although he never admitted it, I do believe he read it, because he had a few good moves of his own.

We all have unique situations. For some couples, this may help.

Email me and I'll give you some tips ...

your interpretation seems the same as mine, have fun!

curious......what was the technique you used....?

If it helps, keep in mind that for the most part, men are easy. Any sort of attention or friction from a lady feels good. You do not need to do anything other than be you and be available.

I have no idea where the male refuser comes from. I believe the vast majority appreciate skin to skin intimacy.

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