From Pillar to Post

A brief synopsis. We met in 96, in a whirlwind of passion and excitement and married in 2000 then had 2 boys.  In all our time together we had fantastic no holds barred sex. In 2001 before our 2nd was born, she said no and that was it, no sex since. Various reasons, it's incomfortable, I don't enjoy it, you're the only one who wants it and so on.  I have stayed because I have 2 great kids and I manage to put the frustration on the back burner most of the time. Unfortunately I have to get somethng and I have been caught out a few times doing the **** thing on the internet which makes matters even worse.  We moved to Canada in 2007 and I have a great job here in a fantastic location, which makes my daytimes a treat, although the night times are perpetual groundhog day, but now she wants to move back, with the kids. Now it's serious, I love it in Canada; already I have had to sell the dream house and the last thing I want to do is leave here and go back to where I started.  So it's let her take the kids away and stay by myself; probably a lonely life but one free of frustration, or follow like a patsy in the same crappy relationship with endless groundhog days to look forward to.


Thanks to those who have read my story and made comments.  Is it a normal reaction when the matter of sex is brought to the forefront, that one is described as a sex maniac who is interested in nothing else.  How does this equate with not having any for years?  

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3 Responses Mar 3, 2009

Materialistic attainments will suffer when marriages split<br />
Consideration is for the children and if their mother isn't happy, and neither is their father, something will give.<br />
Is your wife open to therapy, counseling, or reaching an agreement with you, or is it all her way or nothing?

I can't help my own stopped after 3 children !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can so relate to this. I lost my dream home due to being ill and not being able to work several months and now I am living in my husband's house. <br />
<br />
We separated last September and this past January I had to move in with my husband. I wanted to divorce then but now I realize dispite not having children with this man that we could have a wonderful life together. <br />
<br />
Sexually I am a refuser but I am working on it day by day to give my husband the love and physical interaction he needs.