So.... today I'm feeling pretty crappy...
kimmmmmy kimmmmmy
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need to find a positive energy activity...
I know easier said than done...but still...better than feeling crappy...

I feel saddened for you. Mine is also sexless, for different reasons, I will be willing to chat sometimes as a friend if you would like


You need a man to take care of you right!

it's just temporary. trust me

im new to this page I hope you feel better soon all the best good luck and heads up from Ireland best regards cbirland

I'm sorry I hope things get better :( you deserve better

Then read this book it should add a bit of action ;-) I wrote a book about every girl I ever has sex with... Check it out <3 '300 Girls: A True Love Story' by Adam Amor

find a friend to cheer you up :)

I seem to be having more days like that lately...I can share your pain..

Sexless at that age, OMG yr still pretty young girl

I can relate to the situation your in. Maybe we could do each other a favour?

Sorry to hear....Sounds very familiar only the roles are reversed.

I think it's wearing on me.. I believe I'm losing my mind because of my SM going on for about 3-5 years... Instead of calling him my husband, I will refer him as my, having my refuser continue on looking, downloading **** and looking up big breasted women and pushing me aside has got me down.. So down right now I don't think I can take it anymore..

We have been to a marriage counselor and that lasted for a couple of was always coming from him "will she does it or she's always on the computer"...

He's been tested for low T and was on something for that but it didn't work out for him so he had to stop taking it..he never tried to help himself again after that...

I just find it unsettling that my refuser can push me away and have no desire for me or shows no desire but yet can look up ****, big breasted women etc.. That's the part that f@&ks with your head...

It was the T Gel and it really made him weird... He didn't like how it made him feel.. He felt high in the beginning and it went down hill after that, which it did call for that to happen but he didn't like it, so he stopped...

Wow... Sorry to hear.. Are u ok now? I mean Cancer Free...I hope...

I would hope so...

Wow Batman - sorry to learn this. Hope all remains well.

It's infuriating and hurtful, but you can't change him.You can continue to take the steps to change your life so you are able to get out of a relationship that now you feel stuck in.

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Kimmmmy - let's take a page from Nike and just DO IT!


can i help you out?

I hate you feel bad.