Another night I'm wide awake
So lonely
My mind with thoughts to share
My arms with an embrace
My lips with kisses
This would make sense if I was single
Or had let myself go
Or was a *****
I'm none of those 😔
SkySepulveda SkySepulveda
31-35, F
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You continue to stay in a hell of a marriage because?

Love. Even if it's a lonely love.

You can love yourself to choose to let go of a love that is toxic. If you don't yet love yourself enough to do that, therapy could help you. It's a waste of your one precious life to stay married to someone who will not love you the way that you wish to be loved.

Yes. As Dazla says

Tell me about it lol

u r quite poetic. try pen u through.

Aw thank you 💜

Hi I'll put a smile on your face..... Lol

Lol 😂

Are you ticklish

Yes I am. Why I have divulged that information to you - no clue 😂

I'd love to tickle you lol

In a bikini so your super ticklish!!!

I especially love that this comment says to you from you. 😂💜

Thanks I'll get my feathers

Maybe we can talk hopefully soon

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Know exactly what ya mean.

Thanks for understanding 💜

Honestly I wish I didn't but your welcome. I know it gets rough at times.

Night time is the worst time for me too. Sending you a big (((hug)))

Thank you 💜 I needed that

Sorry to hear that.. kind of in similar situation here..

Same to you.💗

Kind of sad.. but atleast we know we have company.. Misery loves company, had read that when i was a kid.. i believe in it now :)

I have heard the expression too. I never really thought about it until now when you wrote that. 👍

You can have a happier life by enjoying the company in Oppositeland.

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