I Have Lived In a Sexless Marriage

I got married in my early to mid 20'5. I thought and believed that this was going to be forever. Boy was I WRONG! It first started out with him being the ultimate mama's boy(not in a good way). I got pregnant and I assume because he was catholic, he say me as his wife who was going to give birth, but also the Madonna *****. The entire 9 months we had sex 3 maybe 4 times. He was in the delivery room with me and refused to cut the cord and would not go anywhere near my vagina. Not only was I in pain, I was totally pissed. I was having his child. After it was ok for us to have sex again he could not perform. I am 120 lbs and gained about 30 lbs and most of it was baby. I never thought that he was cheating but the more a woman doesn't have it, she CAN live without it. We were married for 8 yrs and my silly *** was in a good mood one night and we had sex for the first time in 1 year and I got pregnant,again! Everything that we had gone through the first time happened again. It goes without saying, we are divorced. Couples are designed to make love. It's not a chore it is beautiful and I promised myself that when I get married again (boyfriend close to engagment) phsyical intimacy must take priority.
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Cool comment Baz! yes, the ultimate for me too is both the caring loving and empathic "connection" coupled with great sex. . . .woooo!! Impossible to beat.<br />
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Sasha, I hope you get BOTh in your new relationship - you deserve happiness. Well done!

Sounds like you are going well sasha. Sometimes we repeat mistakes of the past again, looks like you ain't about to do that !!<br />
Personal opinion only, I think it can be an error to place the importance of physical intimacy as the highest priority, I think great sex is the culmination of 'connection' 'caring' 'empathy' etc etc that combine with pure animal lust to make a great experience !!! Still, if one has to prioritise, you could do worse !!! Good luck sasha