I Have Lived In a Sexless Marriage

I got married in my early to mid 20'5. I thought and believed that this was going to be forever. Boy was I WRONG! It first started out with him being the ultimate mama's boy(not in a good way). I got pregnant and I assume because he was catholic, he say me as his wife who was going to give birth, but also the Madonna *****. The entire 9 months we had sex 3 maybe 4 times. He was in the delivery room with me and refused to cut the cord and would not go anywhere near my vagina. Not only was I in pain, I was totally pissed. I was having his child. After it was ok for us to have sex again he could not perform. I am 120 lbs and gained about 30 lbs and most of it was baby. I never thought that he was cheating but the more a woman doesn't have it, she CAN live without it. We were married for 8 yrs and my silly *** was in a good mood one night and we had sex for the first time in 1 year and I got pregnant,again! Everything that we had gone through the first time happened again. It goes without saying, we are divorced. Couples are designed to make love. It's not a chore it is beautiful and I promised myself that when I get married again (boyfriend close to engagment) phsyical intimacy must take priority.
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Thanks for writing our story here. You didnt waste your life waiting for the "big revelation" that never comes in a marriage void of physical intimacy. You are wise beyond many of us here who think that we can get by with what we have, which is zero to one mostly... or have an affair to supplement our cravings. We all have our own road to travel.<br />
Lovemaking, no matter the age, is a respectful exhibit of our selves to our other self, our spouse. Don't think you are unworthy and this is all there is... Wake up and smell the roses ... life is waiting for no one.<br />
I have heard this from two different people very close to me lately "**** or get off the pot".... hard words, briinging results.<br />