A sexless marriage is like a gift you are not allowed to unwrap! What is the point of giving me a gift if I can't enjoy it?
chasingdreamss83 chasingdreamss83
31-35, M
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I totally understand!

Yup. Its horrible, frustrating, and really emotionally damaging! I feel your pain.x

Let's stop it in its tracks!!

30 day challenge !

Whats that? :)

You will like it.

We throw everything aside and just do it for 30 days!!

It is a must follow - no days off for any reason!!

You don't have to accept the gift....

A sexless relationship is a torture unlike anything else I've ever endured. It is a very damaging form of emotional abuse. I like your analogy, it's so accurate.

Let's do the 30 day challenge together!!

Not fun. :(


"It sucks" is the perfect irony here!

It certainly doesn't blow ! ;)