I don't often offer a comment as I don't consider myself particularly cerebral when it comes to addressing the conflicted lives of others. But I felt like posting something in the hope I can still make a contribution, so how about a joke for all us in the ILIASM tribe. After all, it is Saturday.

Up front apologies to the ladies before I start. Also apologies if you have already heard it.

What is the most prevalent position used for sex after marriage? Missionary--no, female on top--no, the answer is doggie style. The man sits up and begs and the woman rolls over and plays dead.
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2 Responses Aug 23, 2014

That's great!! I'll just say sometimes the woman sits up & begs!

Sometimes, yes.

It is too bad either way to those who seek sexual intimacy

Not really funny...

OK , let's hear your version of funny and relevant.

Rubbing your own magic pole...

I think my joke is better.

Yep. Neither r funny though...

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