.... So sex isn't important to her, and that hurts way more than it should, right? I feel like my life wouldn't be complete without her, but without sex, lust, passion, the feeling of being needed. We're just friends now, and I feel like my marriage is over without it. I don't know what to do, I tell her all the time, I've show her articles (cause that's what she believes), I have tried many things, and none of them matter.... I don't wanna give up.... But i can't live my life like this, I haven't worked so hard, to have my life what I want, to end it cause of sex, something that always seemed so easy and simple. Possible the most simple thing in my life was sex , and having fun with a girl... And now it's over
What's better taking my life, or ending the one I built?
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Taking your life? No. No. No.
Why would you even say that? Change it instead of ending it. You are possibly learning something from this even if you can't see it now. Go figure out what that is. Explain this to her in simple terms and move on with her as a friend and not a lover.

Thank you everyone.... So much

For me the lack of sex affected the rest of our relationship. If that cannot be fixed get out now. I am on year 13, it will get harder to leave.

Sounds exactly like my marriage just reverse the genders. Im so frustrated!

How can sex not be important?

It is important for it is in our DNA. That is how we multiply.
Unless she has problems.

Whatever you are in, get out of it.

Someone, specifically, someone at your age should not sign up for such arrangement.

Her excuse is meant as a roadblock. You can't fix it because she put it their on purpose. One day another guy will come and she will put that thought away pronto (that excuse only applies to one guy at the time). Only question is how long will you have wasted trying to fix her problem.

You can't change her. You can choose to change your life for the better. Individual therapy can help you see that you have more options than you think. You are with that investment.

Once I read a book.... The title was If it hurts, it isn't Love.
If it makes you think about suicide,it is definetely not Love,it is evil soul dustraction.
Get out,there are billion warm hearted sensual women on the planet, just open your eyes..

Seriously, no woman on earth is worth taking your own life for. Please seek help before you hurt yourself - call a hotline, call the VA - what ever you need to do brother. Please get help.

If you read a fair bit in here, you will see that the stories are all pretty similar, although names, ages and gender are different.
They all describe dysfunctional situations, and the anecdotal evidence is that they are highly unlikely to get better.
Unfortunately Brother drako, although there's not a whole lot of info in your story, it does read like a pretty typical story in here, and that, is not good news.
What you end up doing about your deal is entirely down to you, but your options are pretty limited.
Maybe just read in here a lot. Just to get a handle on what confronts you.
Tread your own path.

I learned it the hard way. Sex isn't so easy and simple after all.

But it should be, to keep wanting each other?

so when one person doesn't want the other anymore but wants to stay in the relationship...that's kinda effed up

I know right!! I can see your in the same thing

used to be. i broke it off and have moved on.

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I know what your going thru

So your not having anything that resembles a relationship anymore, too?


What do you do, every problem can be fixed

Ya... Did it help?

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