Wow! I Never Thought I'd End Up Here!!!

I have been with the same woman for 10 years and on most parts it's been great until the last couple of years. Our relationship always lacked sex but I really thought it would eventually get better... It never did! We had a baby girl last year who is the joy of my life and thank the powers that be for that! But our sex life is getting even worse which doesn't make her a bad person at all but what happens to my natural sex drive??? Do I go on living a next-to-nothing sex life while I day-dream about sex with someone else??? I feel terrible about it but I'm only human! I get those longing looks once in a while from other women and it gets me frustrated because I won't act on them. Sure makes me think! I Know I'm normal for these thoughts but any advice out there on how to deal with this? I just want to be a complete and normal human being...

bgb317 bgb317
Mar 4, 2009