I didn't even get some on my birthday yesterday. We had friends over and my wife wasn't feeling up to it. Any ladies wanna help and provide inspiration (pics) as a belated birthday present?
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Translation -
I am a 50 year old bloke living in my mothers basement and beating off.

Or a legitimate issue

So what previous track record did she provide to make you think you were going to get birthday sex.

I remember my very first story here 2 and a half years ago was how i got no birthday sex.

Your main focus should be what do you plan to do regarding this situation?

Stay Strong & Good Luck

I got you guys whooped !! I always get the meal of my choice. Wait a minute, it just occurred to me, doesn't that also hold true for a condemned man?

I hear you. We're going away for our "15th" anniversary (the last 5 years being completely sexless) up to wine country. If she brings the state of our marriage I think that the best I'll be able to do is be ambivalent about it. What I don't want is to make public spectacle. Nothing like being 200 miles from home and really not wanting to be around the one you came with.