Im 65 not a bad looking guy. Very giving and love to please my wife in bed. She has no interest in sex. I think she would like to please me but she has no interest. Dont know if its medical or mental. I love her and have no desire to hurt her in any way. Its hell to have the desire but be married to a women that dosnt share this
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Is she the same age as you? If so there's a good chance it's biological!
I'm not sure what goes on with women at that age but I've spent many an evening getting tanked with my dad and his mates and they often refer to their right hand as their lover since they were 55 the general consensus is women lose interest at around 55

Doesn't matter whether her avoidant position is mental or medical.
Doesn't matter whether her avoidant position is deliberate or accidental.
Doesn't matter whether her avoidant position is genuine or bogus.
The damage on you is the same in any event. There are no discounts available on the pain level her avoidant position causes you.
They cut deep into you.
For some, this accrual of hurt becomes a dealbreaker.
For others, it doesn't.
In here, you'll find plenty of people for whom it is NOT a dealbreaker.
Some others who are starting to think it might be a dealbreaker.
Others who have declared it a dealbreaker and are starting there way out.
Others who have got out.
Welcome. Have a read, and see which sub-section of the group you might identify with.
Tread your own path.

Try to communicate honestly. Good luck!!

You can't Change if you don't have the desire

Interesting article.

Regardless of the religious elements, it's an interesting journey for the refusee.

It gives us refusers who don't feel that leaving is the only option some hope.....

Welcome to the club nobody wants to belong to.

You know we should all get together in vegas and have a party.

You don't sound like you are looking for any advice. So by way of empathy I will just say: yes it is.

I guess people change I wish I didnt have the desire

Yes I sometimes feel it would be easier if I wasn't bothered as then we would have lots in common and no intimacy chasm between us

I hope u get through this and smile again. I'm 65 a little late for me. I might consider the big d if I was younger. Don't let life pass u up.

Hopefully you talk with her about it. Explain it just like that. If she cares, she will try.

She is a good wife but had that talk,just not fun having sex with a women who is only doing it for me and gets no pleasure from it

Is a good wife enough? My husband is a good husband but is it enough?

You said "Dont know if its medical or mental." If she's willing to have sex with you, for you, is she willing to investigate the cause?

U r young enough to still have a life with someone that would share and enjoy your needs

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