I am a penis gobbler. Gobble gobbler.
70+, T
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Reminds me of vegemite on a mango!

im a *** man...

googled gobble gobbler but got **** all

Mmmmm so up for a gobble right now!!

Are you chicken?

Lmao.... Cluck cluck -)


????? I'm a dumb ****! A doodle -)

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It's like an anonymously posted threat by Batman's newest nemesis…The Gobbler.

The PG, for short. Gobble gobble!

I use my gobble charm to seduce men into my chicken coop and then I PECK PECK PECK!

The Dark Knight's would be more of a Cannibal C-o-ck Troll than a Penis Gobbler.

Lul my costume shall be very eerieotic

I take that back… sounds to me it would be more of a **** ******. Or a double-entendre… or is that an oxi-moron?

No, I am not an Oxy clean moron!

Vector, sounds really more like a baddie from Bluntman And Chronic.

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So youre a turkey? Must be painful for your spouse.. have you peck at this goods haha. Gobble gobble.

I have feathers, too. Gobble gobble.

Hahahah! I'm guessing you have a snood too?

Do you have false teeth? Friends?

Go fish.

Oy vey! Is it just me or is the off-topic/trolling at an all-time high?!

Gobble gobble.

So it's not just me - that's a relief. Here I was, thinking I had suddenly become a crazy-magnet.

Hahahaha too cute! Love it NHot!!

You owe me four hearts.

Stormie, agree! Was it a full moon or something? Out of control!!

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LMAO...okey dokie.

I will peck yer eyes out! Mogegege