He says he loves me.

What kind of love is this?

Have you heard the expression 'Pizza Love'?

I love you like my pizza...
Fmina Fmina
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Like meat lovers?

Meat lovers would mean passion ;)

He is tomato paste and cheese.

Hahaha...got to smile. Thinking the addition of jalapenos would be nice.

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Nope.... I've never heard the expression "Pizza Love". I don't know your hubs but I suspect he may be similar to mine in that emotionally his development was somewhat stunted. He may have a limited capacity to love. My therapist suggested this to me about him. He may love you, but he is very limited in what he is able to give. The sex completely stopped in my marriage after we got our children. That's when the affection, sex, and attention towards me ended as well. He loves our children. He's a great dad. I simply believe what capacity to love is there that he devotes to my children. I'm thankful he is able to give the girls what they need. However at the end of the day this relationship doesn't meet my needs emotionally or physically.

in the beginning his love seemed quite loving.

What your therapist said makes me think now. I have a hard time believing a limited capacity to love.
I should be careful not throw in gender differences or gender-sticking-up-for-each-other, will ask you, was your therapist a man?

My married man's therapist told him that not everyone likes sex, when his wife refused him.. and now they have sex three times a week.
He also confided they used to have sex 6 hours each time when they were together in the beginning.

Anyway.. vulgar thought for me to think of him with his wife constantly jumping each other's bones.. but ... I am a bit skeptical of therapist suggestions. They can go by hit and miss and personal opinions.

I just think, my husband is happy with his asexual life.
If he'd complain even once, I am standing by the instant.

He never complains...

funny you would say that. I told him same.

Sounds like you had just one occasion. ;)

Ha! I love pizza. I could eat pizza every day. All different varieties, never disappoints, even plain is good sometimes...I honestly think if I could have sex as much as I ate pizza, I would be pretty damn happy...I guess you husband doesn't want sex as much as pizza?


you made me think now: pizza and sex as often as we want.. hmm.. that's a good thought. :))

Then he should eat the pizza?

I'm not positive Fmina, but if love is like pizza, when it's good; it's GREAT! When it's bad; it's STILL pretty good. The only time it sucks is when the pizza shop is closed. At LEAST, that's what I've heard. 😀

Gentle.. lol
I was thinking that pizza love meant something that is temporary love. Today I like the pepperoni and tomorrow I feel like Hawaiian and once eaten it's gone.
But I think that I do not even seem to meet the pizza treshold.