So if u have been reading my stories u understand what's been going on.
My husband and I took a day trip out of town. On this trip we completely alone.
He flirted a lil. Which was enthrall long to me, it even have me hope. All day long through slight glances and small conversation things seemed good. But atlast on the way home I bring up the sex thing. Not asking to have it, but explaining to him what it is to. How it's something we should be doing. While I understand he can't have sex because of medicine he seems to make no attempt at even considering to change his meds. He says we can't have sex till he's off the pills. But how longs that gonna be? I'm tired of leaving our bed because I have urges.
Sleeping next to him is painful. I want to touch and kiss him and show him how I feel. I want him to want the same with me. But I dk if ever that will happen again.
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Your run of stories describe different instances of his avoidant behaviour. The only unique thing about this one is that it is the most recent.
Really, you describe the *same* incident, but repeated ad nauseum.
You are accruing a pretty big pile of evidence that this is going nowhere. How much more evidence do you figure you need ?
Tread your own path.

Surely kissing and touching him is fine,,, sorry it's the way it is,,, but do you honestly think it's ever going to change?

Three touches a day. A goodbye kiss/hug and they are like peck and a second long hug. Then at night he lays his head on my stomach to sleep. That's it

That's just an excuse. He can satisfy you in other ways than sex. Kissing, touching oral. If this is the way you want to live your life for the next 60 years have at it. Odds are things aren't going to change and 5 years from now you will still be complaining about it.

That is the way it is with my wife. except she is him. Try to show how I care and feel can shecgives me to cold shoulder

If he can get it up there are other ways he can satisfied you