Okay, i will come on here and will put it like this. My posts are how i am feeling on the subject. By all means feel free to go back and read all my posts, but DO NOT come out onto my other posts and try to judge. I understand that i have my own demons to bat down, but they are mine, and i am willing to bet all that i have, any of you that are judging on here are not perfect yourselves. Unless you have a perfect thought process and perfect marriage, and know just who you are at all times. Each of us is here because we each have our own problems and demons. If you disagree with something said, heres a novel idea, get off the post!
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I agree. Let's use a little etiquette, and show some respect to the story-teller. Sometimes our past stories don't always reflect our current situation. When in doubt, ask. Or just try to post tactful comments.

A lot of members, when reading a story, will go in to your other stories to get a better overall picture of your overall situation and put your current story into context.
It is a simple courtesy, so one is not asking questions that you have already answered, nor suggesting things that you have already tried.
Reading your other stories is actually according you respect.
Tread your own path.

Exactly. And, it at times is a way to keep from becoming emotionally invested in a given person's situation upon discovery that they are full of sh-t. Keep some perspective and all. Most people on here are very caring and want to help, but we've seen enough jackassery to know the benefits of digging a little deeper for a person's true intentions.

We're all having problems and looking for a way to vent. I think it's important that we support and advise each other in a non-judgmental way. We all get enough hate in our own homes from our ****** spouses...this should be a place we can get away from that.

Amen to that, coffee drop

If you're posting in a public forum, you should expect judgement. If you can't handle people's opinions of what you're putting forth, maybe you're the one who should leave.

Have to agree liltree. Most of us are here for the same reason, and it is generally a very supportive, knowledgeable group. No matter where you post or what you say, people will have an opinion ... they may be right, they may be completely wrong, but to take the steps to post publicly, you have to be sure that you want to know what others think of your situation and/or problems.
Whatever has upset you, just let it go. Take the opportunity to read a lot and get to know others, and use their wisdom and advice to your advantage Rednkfireftr.

But sometimes we don't need support. We need correction. What a pathetic group this would be if we didn't get any judgement.

Actually, I had to read that twice CreelUnion. I think you are right about needing correction. I came to ILIASM thinking that everything was great except for my relationship lacking sex. Boy have I been corrected on that one.
For someone to step up and make a comment about my perception could have been taken my me as being judged, but that knowledge gave me a huge wake up call and began my journey to what will hopefully be a happier life.

Woah! I'm always wondering why everyone judges judgment as bad. "Don't Judge Me".

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And if the person that prompted this post finds their way to it, no necissarily every post is 100% true, and most of them are just how a person feels at the time. Weather they think differently when they are horny or not. Just food for thought

RedNeck, sometimes it's better to think twice before posting if you're horny or drunk. Particularly when badly horned. You'll never believe the things you'll say.

Well said !!!