Time to Fight Back.

**** it!  I'm fighting back.  I'm married to an expert manipulator.   I've come to the conclusion that I may never have a good relationship with this woman.  She's been manipulating me forever.  Using our kids and our sex life.  My weak points.  It's time to fight back.   I'm calling all her bluffs.  I'm going to ignore her whacked out arguments as if she never said them and going to do it with a massive grin on my face.  I'm not going to be pulled into her fights or get sucked into her threats.  I'm going to learn how to manipulate her back.  Being the good guy has never worked.  I've been the good guy and the "victim" the whole time and felt lousy about myself.  Time to be the bad guy.  If it doesn't work, I'm in the same boat anyway and I'll go out with the knowledge that I got my balls back and went down with a fight and not a whimper.   This marriage is a loser and I'm no longer going to be the loser in it.  I read again and again how we all try to not feel the resentment towards our selfish spouses.  I'm going to finally use it for motivation.  I'm feeling resentment for a reason and a very good reason.  My kids will live in a loving family as they always have (We're great parents together and always act with love when they're around).

"I honey!  I'm home!  Wait 'till you get a load of me!"

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Wow... and how has that been working for u? Im divorced and still trying to deal with the manipulation ans lies... it sucks.

Unfortunately, manipulating back is a double edged sword. She's probably much better at it than you will be (that is not a challenge) and you will just come off looking like a sh_t. <br />
Your best bet is to simply ignore her manipulative crap. be kind to everyone, and, especially, to her in public. Let everyone see the great guy you are. <br />
Remember, the best revenge is to live well. Look happy, act happy, and hell, maybe you'll find you are happy once you stop trying to make her happy.<br />
<br />
I've been manipulated by the best. And she is good, I read random fight. My heart goes out to you.<br />
<br />
You'll have to decide for yourself what to do about sex. Trying to get it from her will just give her more opportunities to make you feel like crap. Not even worth it.

longtimesexless thanks. Good advice. Last night worked well. I found it's often easier to get into the victim role through laziness and a "I'll just give up" attitude. The resentment keeps me motivated to be assertive and the assertiveness pays dividends and that's the cycle I have to get rolling.

It smells like.....Victory!

Eye of the Tiger man!