Anxiety Is Released In Dreaming

Hello, Your stories are heart rendering and I feel the pain coming through the screen as I read. Many of us live desperate lives torn apart during the day by circumstances beyond our control. Then, at night, dreams come unbidden to torment us while we sleep. It isn't fair! Is there any meaning to it all?

Well, I have learned to look closer at what I dream about while sleeping. This is an interest of mine. I am not a psychic or gifted or anything like that. Just interested in what my dreams mean, what they might be saying to me. And this has helped to relieve stresses in my life. Something that appears scary in a dream actually turned out to mean something good in a dream I had recently. Do you dream? Maybe I can help to explore the meaning for you.

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Dreemspirit Dreemspirit
41-45, F
2 Responses Mar 9, 2009

Meditation is good too, for resolving things that may not be able to be resolved in real life. Like old repressed rage, fear, the possibility of a better outcome. It's great for venting & for dreams of how I wish it could be. Then I make it happen myself anyway, just because I dreamed it was possible.

I have been dreaming about breaking-up with my husband, feeling the loss of "what I dreamed things could have been". I feel that I am moving farther and farther from him and he feels the same way. We are only together for our children. I made the wrong choice 10 years ago and I knew it then and I know it now. We can barely stand the sight of each other.