I Am Experiencing a Sexless Marriage For the First Time

I have been in 3 major sexual relationships in my life. The first one was good in sexual arena. Then I got married and had great sex for about 6 months. I got sick of having sex every day and one day rejected her advances. I could tell her feelings were hurt and sex became much less available from then on. We had sex regularly but not frequently for 5 years. Then our relationship went south and we had less frequent sex. then came the divorce after 10 years of marriage.

I married my current wife in 2003. We started out with frequent sex but then after about 6 months it got to be less and less until now when it is about once every 2 months if I'm lucky. And my luck has not been great lately.

This is very frustrating to me and I work with a woman who is interested in me. It is very tempting and I want to have an affair but love my wife and we have both promised each other that we wouldn't cheat. And my vow before God for better or worse, I do not want to break.

We had a talk tonight and have agreed to seek counseling together to improve and make our marriage healthier.


jrg2z jrg2z
Mar 10, 2009