One More For the Road

I know the below story has to do with my insecurity issues, but I believe it may have manifested itself in my marriage.   In reality the two may not be connected at all that much.


I know there is nothing I can do about it, but I wish my **** was bigger the 5.75” it is.  At least it is 6" circumference.

Funny thing is I never developed this complex until my thirties. As have had my fair share of girl friends and one night stands. Back in the young days, I was lucky that my first couple girlfriends adored my penis and we had all sorts of fun.  Never even considered whether there was anything wrong with it.

It wasn’t til I slept with a couple of different chicks at about 27 who I thought I might have a relationship with, but it never went anywhere after the first intercourse. I worked with both chicks, and I thought it odd how the relationships pretty much evaporated after the first intercourse. I suppose it doesn’t help, that I *** quickly sometimes also.

Anyway, flash forward to 10 years of marriage, with two kids. My wife doesn’t want to have sex anymore (been this way for like 5 years) . Says she doesn’t have it in her. She used to be fun and would be very wild if she drank some. Now nothing. However, every once in a while I know she has it, as we will be at a party and she will make a random comment to other people or be a little flirtatious that indicates there is still some fire in her. When we get home though the ember is burned out.

She used to travel for her job but doesn’t now because of the kids. I know that she hates her job and wants a new one. My fear is that she will take a job where the opportunity for sex with another man will present itself and she will bite even though she knows it is wrong, because our marriage is down the tubes.

We have tried to talk about it and she says she will try, but nothing ever happens and I just get more frustrated.  I try too.

We had a discussion last night and today and agreed to try to work on the sex and me providing more intellectual intimacy, as well as doing things to take pressure off of her.

Did I mentioned I lost my job too.

**** it. I know I need to soldier on, but life does wear on you sometimes.

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4 Responses Mar 10, 2009

dubbotherin, you do have a point. Try shaking things up, you mean. But I am just scared that she will not react again and that will be one more frustration. <br />
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I am overweight, but guess what so is she. So I dont think that should be the issue. <br />
<br />
I can see your advice though. Maybe I will try it someday.

i dont think your size has much to do with it.My wife has stop the bedroom action with me we are in seperate rooms but i know she just carn,t be maybe just a case of familiarity breads contempt.Try doing something spontainious unfamiliar try wearing something differnt a new look she might see a new you or a bit of the old one she fell in love with.GOOD LUCK

I'm not interested in the size of my husband's penis at all. I'm not even sure of his size as I never saw the need to measure him. He's a bit of a nudist in the house and I have seen more of it than I like but I'm a refuser trying to reform. I just know even if my husband couldn't make a dent in me with it that I would love him and never cheat on him. <br />
<br />
Maybe it was because I was a virgin when I married and I think he's the only one that can do it with me. I just know I wouldn't want anyone else no matter what size or shape.

OK! I have never thought that size mattered! It's what you do with it that really matters! At least that's new husband isn't the largest or the smallest that I've had but he knows what he's doing! I AM IN NO WAY SAYING THAT YOU DON'T! It may be your wife and not you or the size of your ****. I know that he can't hit my g spot but that's OK...I still have some major intense o's. I know how you feel when your partner doesn't want sex! I've been there done that got the T-shirt.....I married two...yes count them two men that didn't want to have sex! The first one was because he was cheating! The second one I was married to for over 10 years! We had sex before we were married but after we said I do it because none one excuse after another! I think he may be gay! Sorry to hear about the job! I know things are rough right now but I am sure things will get better! Wish you the Best T