Maybe There's a Reason...

...maybe the reason she's not sleeping with you is that you're not exactly making her WANT to. When you nag her constantly, and give her every reason to feel that you don't like who she is anymore, why do you expect her to jump all over you every night?

IceQueenOfTheUniverse IceQueenOfTheUniverse
1 Response Mar 12, 2009

Problem is you shouldn't have to "make" your spouse desire you sexually. She either does or she doesn't. I feel that as an adult the games are over. Why should I have to trick my wife into wanting to have sex with me by constantly giving in to her every whim?<br />
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What about my whims? <br />
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I believe that there comes a point in time, when everybody in our situation just becomes bitter and jaded. In my particular case, so much so that I actually do not like the person I'm married to. I've tried to blame myself, but in the end it always comes back to her selfish decisions that cause my contempt.