I Think I've Given Up

I have been married now to my wife for almost 15 years now(not sure i

'll get any on the anniversary either!) ,we have 2 beautiful children that i adore as i do her. I'm not sure as to when exactly or why the sex has tapered off to 1/per 1-2months but im pretty sure now that its not my choice or by my doing. I believed for awhile that it could have been something to do with me but with trying everything within my means ive tried to change the problems i thought might have been the problems that could have kept her from desiring me as i do her( that bottle i left on the counter....or helping with the dishes or laundry...bought her flowers once a week...reduced her house work load so when she comes home from work she should have nothing to do or complain about...anyway you get the picture!) Well this has been going on for sometime now she still only shows interest in sex once a month or 2 i think as she needs it or just misses having me ,but i require more love....and its not just the sex but the emotional things too ,need to feel loved ... im getting tired of trying ...i feel ive tried everything within my means and given so much of myself to do this and still without result....I love her but when is enough - enough???....I'm so in need and it makes me feel like im no longer normal !


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your wife has a couple of excuses<br />
I've been married only 4 years NO KIDS AND BOTH YOUNG<br />
<br />
read my story buddy-if i was in your shoes I"D BE HAPPY!!!!!!!

I had the same experience, found out eventually that it was not sex she was not interested in it was sex with me, getting it on with another bloke a couple or more times a month, little wonder that she was always headachy or tired

I wouldnt hav sex. its sick and wrong in SOOO many ways.

KFC said it all as usual. You already know that some action will ultimately have to be taken to satisfy this growing need in you for the intimacy you need to survive. <br />
<br />
I can almost guarantee that this love you currently profess for your wife now will change in time most assuredly to disdain and as you age in this marriage may deepen into dislike or worse..<br />
<br />
You do have much company here and while different in some respects that all boil done to a simple issue

Dear B1: <br />
I love her but when is enough - enough???.... You tell us, when is it enough. We all ask that question every day. You hold the answer though, your own personal answer, because as you know we each have to walk our own journey in life.<br />
<br />
Stick around and read some of our stories. You may or may not find what you are looking for, but you will at least have caring friends who won't let you walk alone.<br />
<br />
Best of wishes<br />

Join the club Blanked1. Here you'll find many, many people of both sexes expressing the exact same concerns. You're definitely not alone.