Six Years and Counting

My sexless marriage started after the birth of our second child. And then in our early 40's , my wife told me that we are too old for oral sex ( although she would always enjoy receiving it) and then almost six years ago, on November 1, on a cruise ship in the south of France, we had our last sexual encounter. A couple of oral ************ for about a year and since then: NADA. No cuddling,no kissing,no holding hands. So...I visit chat rooms and use the cam to satisfy my needs. What is a man to do?

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2 Responses Mar 12, 2009

I think it there are probably quite a few women out there who could have casual sex and not get emotionally involved, but you would be more than likely playing with fire. Unless of course you are ready to have your life turned completely upside down if you become emotionally involved with another woman.... <br />
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If it works for you and you can stay "happily" married by taking care of your needs with a webcam, then you are probably in the majority of married men. Before the web got so easily accessed there were always **** magazines. <br />
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Altho that must really suck that she dresses and acts so old, particularly if you don't.<br />
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Good luck in finding whatever you are looking for!

Does it suffice?