Have You Noticed the Obama's Marriage?

I have watched many interviews with Barack and Michelle Obama.  They seem to have an almost perfect marriage.  I envy them and wished my marriage was like that.  Has anybody else noticed?

OutOfPatience OutOfPatience
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4 Responses Mar 12, 2009

Let's not all assume that all "perfect looking" marriages are fake. Not true. And pretty pessimistic, don’t you think? There is no such thing as "perfection" in anything, but there are genuinely happy couples and I believe they are one of them. Which does not mean they don’t have normal issues like many normal marriages do. I know real life couple who are happy and others who are just as miserable as I am. <br />
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I don't put any fake face in front of my friends, family , etc about my marriage (very unhappy one), but I am of course polite and kind to my h and that's how I am at home too. I just don't pretend to be extra happy or smile like an idiot at him when he says something dumb just to keep the appearances. I would not criticize him, but that is out of basic politeness. But you won’t see me looking adoringly in is eyes, or grabbing his arm or inventing stuff about us in public. None of that bs. I am not good at faking happiness and don't see the point in doing so either. <br />
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I can tell just from the body language and basic interaction if two people are really close to each other or no. There are so many signals it is actually easy.

Obama is all about image and so is his marriage. It would be nice to think that they have the perfect marriage, and maybe they do and maybe they don't... we will never know what goes on behind their closed doors.<br />
Wishing and hoping won't bring happiness and satisfaction into our marriages... <br />
We have to admit to ourselves that this sucks and try to make it better or change it, instead of accepting what is making us feel so awful and unloved.<br />
A lot of people seem to agree here ...<br />
Reality is the greatest turn on of all time.<br />
Fantasy is just an illusion ... <br />
We just have the wrong partners -- and that's a fact, Jack!<br />

Don't judge your insides by someone else's outside. People can be very good chameleons (sp?).

No one's life/marriage is perfect. Don't fall into the trap of thinking that. If you can keep it real, you will always make decisions based on clear and realistic thinking.