Wasted Saturday

It is Saturday.

The house is empty of my son, just my wife and I.

 I have done the chores, she has nothing to do. I have made her lunch, breakfast in bed. I went out and did all the little thnigs to delight her.

It should be a wonderful time to make love. I would love that, have asked her for that.

But she has a headache. She took pills and the headache never vanished. I gave her some of my mega migraine pills to shift it, but still she has a headache.

I am alone, staring at dirty tem second films online ot get some relief.

You know, if I went to the pub, returned belching and stinking of beer and dagged her by the foot to semi rape her in bed, I'd be a "real man" and admired.

Al I ever wanted was to stop feeling this urgent hunger and to make love to my wife, the woman I love.

Barganax Barganax
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OMG I had soooo many saturdays like this! I feel your pain, I used to cry because I was frustrated and rejected!! I was angry and resentful and therefore labelled as full of sh1t and cranky. I grew to eventually feel such hatred towards him sometimes. He controlled my sex life basically! IE No sex life!! I was trapped, thank god I am out of it!!

It's bizarre isn't it?<br />
"Opportunities" mean NOTHING to refusers.<br />
<br />
Funny. I babysat my Brother-In-Laws three sons.<br />
They went to the ******* HARDWARE STORE.<br />
<br />
Anyone besides me smell yet another SM there?<br />
<br />
Why can't these sexless people marry each other and decorate their houses while the rest of us roll around on our beds strewn with pizza boxes?

Good plan! But alas I have never eaten pizza (laughing)

Do not worry, Nokturn. The angel of mischief looked over me and madesure whatever plan I made, never came to fruition. The hotel was full, the woman had appointments, my wife was sick!<br />
I stayed loyal.<br />
And still travel hopefully

Reading your stories makes me real scared that this could happen to me... to us... and that I can't deal with it...

Ahhh very good. I'm glad to hear that custody won't be an issue either way. :) Whatever happens, my hope for you is that you learn something more about yourself through the experience (or lack of experience if you decide to back out of it) and perhaps discover something new about life in general. Whatever the outcome, keep pressing forward with self-discovery and revelation and be true to yourself first and foremost. Life is too short to live any other way. :)

My son is over 18, so there is no problem of custody. He may even get custody of me! <br />
I am not going to burst in on my wife and yell "Yipee, Ijust got the best lay of my life and it only cost £200!!"<br />
I have no idea where this will lead or what I am getting into

If I remember correctly, you've a son together...? Make sure that you're not putting yourself in jeopardy of losing custody of him. I'm not sure where you live but adultery can be used against you in a divorce. I encourage you to make sure you know what you might be getting yourself into. Good luck to you. I hope you find satisfactory resolution one way or another.

I sometimes joke to her about a live in mistress. I say not only will she meet my needs but might make her a cup of tea aswell! <br />
But I never discuss it seriously.<br />
Anyhow, I have done shameful thing. I have written to an escort to arrange a meeting for next week. We shall see if I have the courage or madness to go through with it

Have you perhaps had a chance to bring up the idea of an open relationship at all...? I'm wondering if that might open her eyes a bit to the fact that you want to continue with an honest relationship but that your needs really aren't getting met. If you keep having the same discussions that keep getting you guys to the same point (no sex, just talk) perhaps taking a look at alternatives with her that haven't been discussed yet could at least get the conversations out of the rut they are in. Continuing to do the same thing and expecting different results is one definition of insanity... I just hurt for you and others like you that are in this situation. Keep trying to continue with integrity and honesty and perhaps, just perhaps, there will be some resolution somewhere along the way.

Thanks yana and towson. I'm not ready to cheat, Idon't want to cheat. It's just hard sometimes. I do talk about sex with my wife, do let her know what is important to me and where my anger comes from. We talk and talk, agree that things will change and then, things don't change. I semi think a cheating moment might rip us off that old routine, shake the picture. <br />
I also suspect it will shake the marriage to the ground, the fear that binds and keeps me safe.

I am curious whether you and your wife ever just discuss sex. After a 9 month hiatus my husband and I had sex. He told me he was depressed about his parents and work and he wanted to cuddle with me. I told him that I had spent the past 3 hour reading about sexless marriages and I didn't want us to be on of those and I also told him that he needs to stop wasting energy on things and people he is not able to change and spend that time and energy on me. It worked but I don't know when the next time will be. I wanted it again the next day. You can try telling your wife that sex is important and that it is the way to actually become one with your spouse (both figuratively and physically). Keep trying before you decide to cheat!!!

i would love to but i'm not at the point of cheating quite yet. you should find someone closer to where you live if that's what you're looking for. i hope you can sort this out.

I want tops, Yana! I want to know how to get my marriage sorted. This weekend we again had the house to ourselves! It was a Monday public holiday and so there were three days of empty house! Just me, my wife and excuse after excuse after excuse. No sex, plenty of promises mind you. "In a while" "after lunch, when out tums settle, later,, maybetonight, we have tomorrow!" And so on. <br />
I am so angry. Frustrated. I stormed of and sat in a bookshop, trying to get my mind calm. <br />
I just wanna get laid! Anyone wanna join me? I'll travel! I have a bag packed! I'll throw in going halves on a MacDonalds burger lunch as a sweetener!

i feel so bad for everyone. i wish i could do help. i haven't experienced 'no sex' in my marriage. but the times are few and far between. my husband works a lot and when he gets home he either passes out on the couch or in bed because he's so exhausted. i have to pleasure myself because i'm so 'excited'. even on weekends or days when he's home i still have to initiate sex. it really sucks. i just want him to jump me all of a sudden. he needs to take the reigns sometimes. i'm getting tired of it. i wish i had some tips for people but i really don't.sorry

I actually know just as many women who suffer sexless marriages as men. I don't understand the disconnect but it is real all the same. I am so sorry you have to go through this. My favorite saying is "It will all be okay in the end; if it isn't okay yet, it isn't the end."

I wish people here would offer tips and advice to get us all past these horrible moments. <br />
I come here, to type online and play computer games to stop myself weeping on sexless nights.<br />
Your husband is mad, to be in a room with a willing, wonderful wife and still turn to the tv? <br />
Why not remove the fuse, light up candles and say "oh dear, no electricity tonight!"

My husband prefers the computer and TV to sex. I don't know what to do. I always thought the bed was for sex and sleep but we only sleep in the bed and it sucks a**.

You must write more of these feelings here --you sound like what I am going thru .. I feel for you -- My wife doesnt have headaches but everything else - perfers TV to sex -

Ya know the feeling......bought the t-shirt....noting works. There are women who have 20yr headaches..lol