I Get So Angry With Him

I live In A sexless marrige it sucks folks really it has been 6yrs I just gave up trying all I do is get mad he talks to me I do myself but I am still empty I was always very sexual is this my punishment and please someone tell me why he gets pissed when he cannot get it going this is my faukt iguess bj do not work for me never have I need the act it self he tells me I am to wide well what can I do two kids do that to you god that felt good to say out loud 
Hardluckwoman Hardluckwoman
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2 Responses Aug 18, 2007

Typical blame the other side.....when a person can't accept they are the fault they drum up crap to make themself feel better in turn hurting others

Sorry to hear that - I am in the same boat and believe me it doesn't get any better... only worse. My husband is a jerk...