Alone But Not Alone

I've been married for 17 years; met in july, got pragnant in Oct and married in november, I had 2 children prior to meeting my husband and now I have 4 children from 25 to 14, I love my children and sometimes my husband, he chooses to be there for me half the time and frankly doesn't want to help me do anything around the house in his own words because its something that I care about, he has started going to church this last past year which his mother and his step father run, this is not the type of church I would like to attend with 6 members that is, I think he holds that against me, we have both stopped smoking weed it's been a year and thank God for that, but he drinks beer everyday and I've never agreed with the amount that he drinks he is not a nasty drunk or anything, I just don't like the amount; I have an occassional drink a glass of wine a day sometimes:) we don't sleep together that much actually in two beds in the same room that has 2 rooms, he can't just lay with me, he has to have sex if he can't do that then he'll just get out of bed and go to the other, we don't do anything together that adults should do, he'd rather watch sports and drink beer, I work outside of the house as well and do all the bills, clean, etc., he isn't there for anything that needs to be done, we can actually go the whole day without talking, I could go on and on, what is missing in this marriage I can not explain, I know communication is the key, and he refuses and just feels that I don't want to hear anything he has to say, I'm truly loss and don't know what to do, other than to continue talking care of my children, I really just need someone to communicate with me. 
heavin heavin
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1 Response Aug 18, 2007

Nothing wrong with a beer or two but when it becomes a problem -- it is . It can block all forms of a normal lifestyle. You make it sound as if it is becomming a problem with him. I concider myself an alcoholic but have not drank for last 16 years - If he is or might be or using it as an excape from life and dealing with problems - you are headed nowhere -- I threw away "lots" becouse of that --