Horny All of the Time!

I'm 51 and married to a wonderful woman but she is going through menopause and if I'm lucky after I beg for sex maybe 1 every 3-4 months I ********** almost everyday to keep myself sane any advice??

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Menopause effects women differently. Some become more sexual, some have no desire afterwards. My situation is the latter, plus any vaginal intercourse is painful and injures her. There are lots of ways my wife could please me (oral, anal, hands), but she doesn't seem interested and only if I beg for it will she even get naked for me and I ********** or outercourse. It sucks. **** and ************ are a poor substitute for real intimate sex with the one you love.

As much as it may seem that it does, menopause doesn't last forever... <br />
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Try to maintain intimacy: hugging, touching, kissing, making her feel loved and attractive. <br />
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When you do have sex be sensitive to any discomfort she may have and break out the massage oil and ky.<br />
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All the best...

Menopause isn't a easy thing for a woman. After so many years of knowing your body it up an changes on you again. I am going through it due to having had a total hysterectomy. I am very focused on my husband as I want him to know as soon as I'm through with the mending that I will rarely if ever say 'no' to him again. Just give it time. My husband says this is the time in life to have fun and enjoy ourselves.

Self satisfaction is a way of life around here to be sure and frankly it beats ( not meant to be a pun) no sexual satisfaction at all.<br />
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As I have said many times before,here, a lack of sexual response from a spouse due to a physical or mental issue can by no means be considered a legitimate reason for complaint. It is my sincere feeling that sexless marriages caused by health issues are the only ones that should be considered thus. One cannot help what results transpire from health issues and all of us will ultimately face that test.<br />
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On the other hand, the sexless marriages that we discuss here openly and often for the most part are those where rejection is caused by other issues, Although these are many times vague and not fully understood they are from my perspective illegitimate and a betrayal of the nuptial contract.

Not meaning to be funny or flippant...use lotion. and treasure the times you do have your wife!