I Want Just My Wife, Not Just a Woman For Sex

 We met sixteen years ago, result from a newspaper ad (pre-www days) in which I asked for a lady for 9.5 weeks (saw the movie?) without further ado. I was just coming out of a relationship. Wanted to play. We fell for each other straight away, and started seeing each other regularly. Three years later we married and another two our son was born. Sex was great and sometimes kinky, we were creative and having lots of fun.

Now, we no longer go to bed at the same time: when we are home together I go first, but when I have been out, she is already asleep. My snoring, touch, presence annoys her, initially (starting five years ago) as a result of menopause.

We tried therapy, but according to her we should be able to overcome this by ourselves without outside help. I do not see this happen.

Some years ago, we agreed not to separate at least while our son is young (unless we really would start hating each other - this is not the case). While this has brought rest, it also resulted in a stalemate. I am very afraid that she will meet someone exciting and run off.

I am an attractive professional with a great job. She is a successful designer. Together we look great.

I have to cry when I touch her and she comments that I do so for self-satisfaction. I buy gifts (perfume, lingerie, girl-things) that are discarded or get lost. This hurts me, but she says I only do so to buy her - Material Girl - which she is not.

I will now read the entries in this thread, joined today (Mar 19 2009) and will keep y'all posted on my progress.


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I can tell you at least my experience of memopause. It has not made me want sex less but more!

I don't get this whole menopause is the end of sex thing. Hell, my life would be easier if was...

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