...and It's Thursday

I got back from the doctor.  He released me to go back to work on Tuesday.   Doctor also released me with no physical restrictions.  The weekend is coming and my husband has that look in his eye.   I try not to think about it but that look scares me.

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Thanks reflections3. I knew the doctor would check me and release me as I am doing well in my recovery but with my having a panic attack Tuesday I thought my husband would be more careful with his appoaching me.

How are you feeling about going back to work? Do you feel ready? Just get into the grove slowly and you will be OK.<br />
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I'm sorry you use the words "that look scares me" .... because I know what you mean ... I have decided to back-off from my husband and not press him for intimacy and I am sure he has seen that look in my eyes too many times... Now that I am not approaching him, he is looking and feeling more relaxed.<br />
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I think that we just are mismatched .... and that it's OK to be who we are and not have to be paranoid about who is going to make us do what and when will it happen.<br />
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I *********** more this week and even tried some cyber-sex ...I didn't know what this was .. now I know and I also know it can be a positive experience with the right person on the other end. So I have found an alternative to beating the path to my husband's manliness. I miss him, I love him on a certain level, but I don't want him to be anybody but himself and if I am hindering that lifestyle for him.... as he is doing to me... it's time to move on........<br />
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Blessings and Hugs<br />
Stay Confident and Strong<br />
You Will Be In My Prayers!!!