Is This Physical ,hormonal,or Mental..?

i've been married with my wife for over 20 years.we always had a good and active sex life as well as the rest.I'm now a young 56 yr.old in reasonable shape,i mean not there with a beer gut on the couch in front of the tv wife is now just 50.since ,i guess 3 years i seem to live in a sexless marriage.she doesn't appear to be interested i'm still trying to figure if this is some kind of hormonal thing like menopause.i've tried talking,creating nice "scenarios" like weekend in a hotel etc.i have this horrible feeling of my life drifting away from me,i mean in not so many years time it probably wouldn't be an issue but i still feel i need a sex life ..sort of missing the best years.i've avoided going so far for paying for sex or cheating but it's like time is running out...don't know what to do....

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1 Response Mar 20, 2009

The first thing to do is sit down and have a heart to heart discussion with her. It could definitely be hormonal. If she doesn't think it bothers you, she will just go on living this way. So nip it in the bud now.<br />
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If you get the "I don't care about sex any more and don't want to have it any more, and I'm not interested in fixing the problem, cause I don't have one" I suggest you rethink your life with this person.<br />
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My best wishes. Please read our stories. There are many.