SAME Boat!!!!

I have been Married for 1 year and I'm lucky if my wife and I have sex once every two weeks with my always trying. I'm a 22 year old young guy who has a good job and works hard at my marriage but she thinks I'm a pig about sex. When we were dating we had sex ALL the time but she just stopped!! On our Wedding night she fell asleep right when we got to the room and did not even care about it. I am in a professional were I meet several people and Young lady's. I am not a ugly guy and work out regularly to maintain myself. I have tried to talk to her about this but she says"your pressuring me into this and I just don't feel like it.".O and she always has something wrong with her right before bed,tumy ache,etc!!!!  I am done trying to make this work and always trying. I'm at my end wits!!


5 Responses Mar 20, 2009

believe me you are young and fit so run from this unhapiness ,, it will only get more and more frustrating,, you will submit to your longings,, she will get everything in the divorce,, get out now before you have kids,,

Why wiat? You need to ask her why the big change once you got married and why she pretended to like sex before.... when it is obviously something she just wants to avoid. It will get worse between you, and it will cause you pain until you put a stop to it. My young cousin was married to a girl who seemed "perfect" to all of us, but behind the scenes she was locking the bedroom door and not letting him near her except a couple of times a month when she would give it up...and make him feel like he was a freak for wanting it all the time. When he finally broke down and told me about it I told him this was NOT normal. It was very hard, but one night he just got fed up and walked out. They divorced, and he remarried a few years later. The second wife is not as "family oriented" as the first one was, so we rarely see them, but when I ask him if he is happy he says "ABSOLUTELY"

Thanks,for yalls in put...and Divorce has crossed my mind several times..but I think it would just mess up everything I had planned...but I am ready to talk to her about this or ????...I really don't think she cares when it comes to this and if I brought up the divorce thing she would get all defensive...but I am going to wait it out for a LITTLE while...

No kids yet? No problem. No sex, no marriage. Divorce her now and cut your losses. Twenty two is too young for marriage for guys. Date for the next six years at least. Happy trails brother!

Welcome to bait and switch.<BR>The dating sex was about trapping you I'm afraid young friend.<BR>You are WAAAYYY too young for this crap already.<BR>You better think hard about this while you are still young and willing to part with HALF of you stuff.<BR><BR>Most likely, the next step will be her desire for kids. Then you will have sex,monthly, 4 days in a row, on cue, according to her ovulation schedule of course.(and you BETTER show up boy.)<BR>If you do have a child, then you will truly know what it is like "To live in a sexless Marriage." <BR>But you will know the joy of fatherhood, and that sexuality is really just nature's little trick to keep the world restocked with more miserable people.<BR><BR><BR><BR>I don't mean to sound flip, but you sound just like me, and I'm just giving you a little taste of being 43.<BR>Think about this.