Broken Vows 2


It is now 6.30 am. I woke at 4am. My heart feels empty. My husband has told me that being in a secret relationship with a woman for over five years is not an affair because he just kissed and hugged her. He says he did not have intercourse. When he told me that the rage filled my body and I felt like an erupting volcano. I wanted him to hurt the way I am hurting. So I raged at him. The last time he had an affair that I knew about, I was told by the counselor that raging does not do any good. That is probably wonderful advice but try being in my shoes. The rage may have kept me from losing my sanity. My emotional level was at revenge. Every time he walked out the door my heart sank knowing he might be going to be with here and my heart didn't care whether it was to hug and kiss her and spend time with her or to have sex with her. It was all devastating to my heart and it still is. How a man who claims to love me can inflict so much pain. I had a diary as a kid and I am glad I have this place to come and pour out my heart.

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Why would he go to someone else for hugging and kissing?<br />
<br />
I'm just curious... and why did he tell you this?