365 Days of Intimacy Continued...

365 Days of Intimacy Continued...

Okay, here is the update. The first month of this experiment has gone by and the desire to be intimate every day has dwindled some. I admit at first it was an exciting idea to attempt such a thing and the first couple weeks were passion filled. However, by the middle of the third week my hormones were to the point that just the thought of sex of any kind made me cringe. A drastic drop in my libido and ability to enjoy it was virtually impossible. Add in the fact that as we all know some women have PMS and "Aunt FLo" comes to visit! I do suffer from extreme PMS every few months and this month was no exception. I just didn't want to be touched. I didn't even want to be kissed. So we took a break for a week while I moaned and groaned about how bad I felt and my husband gave me puppy eyes. I know the deal was to do something intimate every day even if we don't feel like it but how can I even participate in oral sex when I feel so pissed off! The most we have done lately is snuggle on the couch or in bed. I am wondering how the next few weeks will play out after the hormone storm is over and my libido returns. I do feel that we need to balance the sex with a night of rest once and a while. I had a few brief moments of "Not again!" then tried to remind myself this is really what I wanted! I think as a couple you should be able to decline once and a while without making your partner feel rejected. A free pass of sorts that lets them know you still love them and desire them but just cannot bodily show them at the moment.

I will let you all know how the next couple weeks play out. I have not given up entirely on this experiment yet.

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I think it's normal. Hey everyone get's tired, cranky, pms, stressed. We all want the option of having a partner that wants us just as much as we want them, but who will also understand, (as would I) if one just wanted to cuddle. Nothin' wrong with that.

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Anger + PMS + Oral Sex: Big No, No..... I'd gladly take the "free pass" ~just my opinion.

You raise a good point, one that occured to me when I saw an interview with the authors. I'm highly sexed, but like you for whatever reason, there are days when sex is the last thing on my mind and as intimate as I would want to be is to maybe do a puzzle together. <br />
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Good luck and do keep us posted.

Just take it one day at a time.....<br />
Dont push dont pull just take it one day at a time....