Sexless Nights...

I'm glad I found this site...I thought I'm the only one who'se experiencing this problem, I'm struggling inside I don't know why my husband doesn't like to have sex with me I felt so alone, I'm always the first one who initiates it. I can't remember how long ago that he gave me good sex.

alonewife alonewife
2 Responses Mar 22, 2009

I understand..I have been without marital sex, intimacy or any physical affection for 20 years. I have posted a story on the site...I am here for you if you need someone!!!!

I know how you feel Alone. It has been 29 months for me since my wife and I have been intimate. All though the lack of sex and intimacy has gone on for over 20 years easily. I don't know why. You should figure out the positives and negatives. That way you may find out what you are staying for and build on that. I hope you feel better soon and maybe get some resolution. I know I wish I could figure out my situation.